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At Platinum Liquor, we enjoy supporting, stocking and recommending smaller independent, family owned breweries that put a lot of thought, passion effort and care into the beers that they produce.


We have gained a reputation for our knowledge, love and respect for the beers we lovingly purvey. Whilst not always the biggest selection of beer around. Each beer and why we stock it is selected carefully to fit within our philosophical approach to beer and brewing.


We care because we only handle the best.


- Platinum Liquor Review Australian Brews News -

“What makes Platinum a place worth visiting is not so much a sequence of sporadic one-off import batches, but the regular reliable stocks of quality beer, and the impassioned conversation with the guy who supplies them.”


- Time Out Sydney -

“Few liquor stores in Sydney can boast such an interesting selection of American craft beers and whiskeys. Nor canthey boast such a bare-chest-reveal-all blog about the stuff.”


Platinum Liquor offers


-10% off mix half dozen of selected beer*

- & further discounts apply with larger purchases.

*does not include beers that already on special

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